The Pros of Purchasing a New Home over a Resale Home


Here’s why you should purchase a new construction home over a resale home.

  1. Brand new – You will be the first person to ever live in the home versus having to settle for somebody else’s home.
  2. Builder incentives – You may be able to take advantage of incentives builder’s offer to use towards upgrades or closing cost
  3. Energy efficiency – Not all older homes are energy efficient. A newly constructed home is more energy efficient which saves you money.
  4. Fewer repairs – Everything in your new home will be new. You won’t have to replace things like the roof, water heater, furnace, appliances and fixtures right away.
  5. Financing – Many builders have preferred partner lender. You may qualify for certain perks available because of these established relationships.
  6. Growing community – A newly constructed home is most likely in a newly built neighborhood. You’ll be able to grow with your homes in new bern nc community versus trying to integrate yourself in an established neighborhood.
  7. Home warranty – Most builders include a warranty good for at least the first year of being in the new home.
  8. Personal touch – A resale home was designed to meet the needs and lifestyle of the previous homeowner. Though you may like the design of the home there will definitely be features of it that will need to be adjusted to meet your needs. Your home will reflect your personal style. When you purchase a new home you will be able to choose a floor plan that works for you and you will also work with the builder to customize it to your liking including the type of flooring, lighting, colors and appliances.

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