Buying a Couch? Here’s What You Should Know


So you’re in the market for a new couch? Here’s what you should know before shopping around and making your couch purchase.

Measure, measure, measure – Don’t purchase a couch without taking measurements of your space first. The last thing you want to do is to purchase a couch that is not proportional to the space. A couch that overwhelms or underwhelms the space will not enhance your room by any means. You should also make sure to measure the hallways and doorways to also want to make sure that your couch will fit through the hallways and doorways.

Try it out – It’s always a good idea to try out the sofa before you buy it versus buying it sight unseen. Test out the sofa by sitting on it to make sure it meets your comfort level. You may even want to bring along your family members or even one of your Eastman Creek homes in beaufort nc neighbors to get their opinion.

Pick a color –You don’t have to select a neutral color because they blend well with many different elements. Don’t be afraid to go bold! If you like a fuchsia or turquoise couch, then go for it.

Decide on the amount of cushions you would like – It’s all about feel when it comes to the amount of cushions you would like. In addition, one cushion is usually more formal whereas two or more cushions are more homey.

What type of arms? – Do you prefer straight or round arms? When you try it out you will be able to see what is the right fit for you.

Select the amount of pillows you would like – While some couches have pillows attached, others are unattached and can be moved to where you would like them. You could always add more to

Avoid trends – Your sofa isn’t something you’ll upgrade every year. Get something subtle versus going with a trend or trying to keep up with the Joneses or your homes in beaufort nc  neighbors. Your couch can always be spruced up with throw pillows, blankets, or even change the upholstery.

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