How Can You Save on Your Heating Bill this Winter?


We officially welcomed winter on December 21st. And with average high temperatures in the low 50’s and average low temperatures in the low 30’s in Morehead City you’ll be tempted to turn up the heat at least a few notches. However, before you crank up the heat use these six tips to save on your heating bill this winter.

  1. Area rugs – Though this may seem like a no brainer we’ve decided to include it any way. Many homes, including our homes in Morehead City NC, have hardwood and or tile flooring. Cover the floors with area rugs to help insulate the floors.
  1. Decorate for the winter – Replacing the sheets on your bed for flannel sheets will help you not only keep warm this winter but also help to reduce your heating bill. Consider using heated blankets, throw blankets, etc. to help keep you warm and cut down the heating bill too.
  1. Limit or don’t use bathroom and kitchen fans – These fans come in handy to eliminate undesirable smells. However, did you know that bathroom and kitchen fans also suck out a lot heat? Don’t use these fans unless it’s absolutely necessary.
  1. Pile on the layers – Winter is an ideal time to dress in layers. But don’t just limit that to when you’re out and about. Throw on an extra sweater, hoodie, thermal socks, slippers, and other articles of clothing to keep warm. You can easily take off a piece of clothing when you get too hot.
  1. Programmable thermostat – If you don’t have a programmable thermostat then you should definitely invest in one. By scheduling your thermostat to a lower temperature while you’re either sleeping or away from home and then turning it up when you are about to come home or waking up in the morning will help to lower your energy bill.
  1. Replace air filters – Dirty air filters make an HVAC system work harder. Replace these regularly to ensure the HVAC system runs efficiently.

The biggest way to save money is by purchasing a brand new home. New home construction is far more energy efficient than older homes because they use the latest materials and build to the current building codes. JC Jackson is the BrighterBetterBest Homebuilder of homes in Morehead City NC. Contact Jeannie Pettipas at 252-671-3126 or to learn about our energy efficient homes located in the beautiful homes community of Mariner’s Pointe.

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This post was written by JC Jackson Builders