Four Garage Storage and Organization Hacks for your Home in Beaufort


Garages in JC Jackson Builders  homes in beaufort nc aren’t just for parking cars. They can be used to store various items. But how? In fact, the garage storage and organization conundrum doesn’t have to be one. Use these four hacks to maximize storage and create a functional and organized space in your garage.                 

  1. Bike rack plaque – Are you a cyclist and looking for an easy storage solution for your bicycle? This DIY project just requires you to coat bike hangers with the paint of your choice, mount them to plaques and then finally hang them to your garage walls. This is a great way to utilize the wall space in your garage while keeping your bicycle off the ground.
  2. Bungee cord sports ball storage corral – The bungee cord sports ball storage corral is another DIY project you can complete this summer. Use bungee cords, either one uniformed color or differ colors as well as 2×2’s and ¾ inch plywood. This is a great way to store your sporting good balls (basketballs, footballs, soccer balls, etc.) and is still easily accessible for all family members to reach. The bungees will also help to ensure the other balls do not fall out.
  3. Hanging shoe rack – The hanging shoe rack doesn’t have to be used solely for shoes. The pockets are a practical way to store everything from tools and spray paint cans to screws, tape and tape measurers.
  4. Paint bucket caddy – Your water hose doesn’t have to be a tangled mess. Hang an old paint bucket to the wall and then wrap your water hose around it. The inside of your paint bucket can also serve as a caddy for your nozzle and or sprinkler.

JC Jackson would like to hear from our homes in beaufort nc residents. What ways do you organize your garage and what storage solutions do you use?

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