How Do You Select the Right Sofa?


When you were looking at homes in newport nc you probably envisioned how you would decorate your home. But there are many facets to selecting the perfect sofa than just looking through a magazine or going to a furniture store. Read below for tips on selecting the right sofa.

Size – Where do you plan on putting your sofa? Pick a space and take measurements of the space as well as doorways and walkways. That last thing you want is to get home and realize it doesn’t fit in your home or in the area you’re considering.

Style – Once you measure the space you can pick out a style. Are you looking for something modern or traditional? Select something that will work for the space. A sectional may too big for your space whereas a loveseat and sofa or chair may work well for the room.

Color – Don’t necessarily pick a sofa to match your wall color. After all, this may change overtime. A beige or cream colored sofa is a safe bet that you can always make pop with colorful pillows and accessories. Gray, green and blue are very popular neutral color choices that can go with many different color schemes and can still be enhanced with accessories. Though if you are really looking to make a statement don’t be afraid to go bold. You have to pick something that works for you and what you are trying to accomplish for the space.

Fabric – There are many fabric choices to select from. Do you want cotton, leather, rayon, silk, velvet, wool or something else? Do you have pets or young children? You should select a fabric that meets your lifestyle needs. For example, velvet and silk are more sophisticated materials whereas a microfiber sofa is great for homeowner’s with kids and or pets.

Accessories – There is no law that says you have to use the pillows that come with your sofa. You can always buy different pillows and give the ones that came with your purchase to one of your homes in newport nc neighbors.

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