How Do You Decorate Around Your Television?


So you have a decorating dilemma on hand. How in the world are you supposed to decorate around your new TV? Whether you want to hide it or make the space surrounding your TV more decorative use these tips to decorate around your TV.

  1. Vintage appeal – Mount the TV above or on a vintage buffet table or an old dresser you’ve been holding on to, purchased at a thrift store or bought from one of your homes for sale in havelock nc neighbors. This will create a vintage look around your modern TV and add more interest to and surrounding your TV. You will also be able to hide your electronic accessories in the drawers as well as use the top of the buffet table or dresser to display knick-knacks or photos.
  2. Gallery art – Have your TV become a part of the décor by creating a gallery wall. Mount your TV to the wall and then surround it with family photographs, black and white postcards, colorful art pieces, etc.
  3. Black magic – If you don’t want your TV to stand out then you can disguise it by painting the wall directly behind your television black, or the color of your TV.
  4. Focal point – Make your TV stand out more by painting the wall it is mounted on or placed in front of. This will allow the wall to become the focal point instead of your TV.
  5. Floating media console – This chic and multipurpose media console mounts to the wall and will serve as a contemporary decorating piece for your TV.
  6. Framed up – Wallpaper is cool again. Use this to your advantage by using wallpaper to dress up your wall, mount a TV to it and place a picture frame around it. This will make the TV blend very well into the space while creating a visually pleasing look.
  7. Sliding doors – Another cool way to hide your TV is by hiding it behind sliding barn doors when you’re not watching TV. All you have to do is open up the doors when you’re ready to watch TV.

JC Jackson, your premier homes for sale in havelock nc builder, wants to hear from our King Creek at Cherry Branch residents. How do you plan on decorating around your TV?

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