What Should You Do Before Christmas Day?


Thanksgiving is now over and Christmas is officially less than a month away. There’s so much to do before the actual day. Here are five things you can do prior to December 25th in preparation for the holiday.

  1. Mail Christmas cards – Send your homemade and or store bought cards to your family, friends, colleagues, and neighbors at least two to three weeks before Christmas day. Not only will you have one less task to worry about but your recipients can enjoy them a little while before the actual day. Don’t forget to purchase stamps at your local post office, bank, grocery store, etc.
  1. Tour your homes in Morehead City NC neighborhood – Take a tour of your neighborhood at night to see and admire the Christmas lights and decorations.
  1. Make room for new gifts – Assess old clothes, toys and electronics to see what you can donate or get rid of in order to make room for your new gifts.
  1. Organize and clean out your pantry, refrigerator and freezer – If you are hosting a holiday party or Christmas dinner you should organize and clean out your pantry, fridge and freezer. You’ll want to get rid of any expired items and make room for the extra food and desserts you’ll be baking this season.
  1. Christmas Pajamas – Purchase or make new jammies for the entire family to wear. Either handout or open up us presents on Christmas Eve so that you all will look cute and cozy and be camera ready when you’re opening up Christmas presents in the morning.

JC Jackson Builders wants to hear from our homes in Morehead City NC homebuyers. What’s on your list and how do you plan to prepare for Christmas? Let us know on our Facebook post!

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