Four Comfy Ways to Decorate Your Home this Fall


Fall is here! The first official day of fall was September 22. Temperatures are starting to get cooler and the leaves are starting to change color around our new homes in Morehead City NC communities. Fall provides the perfect color scheme to get inspired to decorate. As we usher in a new season consider using these ideas to decorate your home this fall.

  1. Candy corn centerpiece – Candy corn is synonymous with Halloween. This fall favorite is not only a popular candy but it is also great as a simple decoration. To achieve this look all you have to do is fill an odd number (three or five) of glass candle holders half way up with the candy corn and then place your votive candles on top of the candy. Next you should get a long turquoise or white rectangular shaped decorative plate to place the candles on and then fill the bottom up with the candy corn as well to finish off this design. This is the perfect table topper for your entryway table, dining room table, or kitchen countertop.
  1. Lantern gourd, pinecone, and pumpkin display – Welcome people to your home by creating a festive look this fall on your front porch. Fill two lanterns with gourds, pinecones, and pumpkins of a variety of colors and place on either side of the door.
  1. Natural art piece – This is the perfect project for when the leaves start to change colors. Collect fallen leaves of a variety of shapes and colors as well as a tree stem. Allow the leaves to dry out and then arrange them on a blank canvas in a leaf shaped pattern. Leave space on the bottom to add your little tree stem. You can add glitter to this design to give it more shimmer or just allow the colors from the leaves to give your design the pop of color it needs.
  1. Rock away – Fall is the season for plaid! Place a rocking chair in your front porch and hang a plaid blanket over the chair! This is sure to become your favorite place to curl up with your favorite book and cup of coffee this season.

We hope these ideas serve as great inspiration for your fall décor. Let us know how you plan on decorating your home for the season. And if one of your goals for 2016 was to purchase a new home then time is running out. Contact Jeannie Pettipas now at 252-671-3126 or to learn about the inventory of new homes in Morehead City NC coming soon in the beautiful Mariner’s Pointe community!

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