Tips for Properly Hang Curtains

Window treatments not only provide privacy in your homes in New Bern NC community and help to block the sun, but they also help to beautify a room. Use these tips for properly hang curtains in your home.

  1. Remove the wrinkles – Contrary to what people may think, the wrinkles will not fall out over time. Use a steamer to get the wrinkles out of your curtains before hanging your curtains. Wrinkled curtains will not look good in your home.
  1. How high can you go? – Don’t hang your curtain rod right above the window frame to avoid making your space look cheap and improper. Hang the curtain rod to the ceiling.
  1. Go further than the distance – Never install the curtain rod the exact length of the window. Instead, go wide by extending the rod at past the window at least 10 inches to 15 inches.
  1. Don’t go too low – Hanging curtains all the way down to the floor is a big no-no! Leave at least half an inch above the floor for your free-standing curtains to mop, sweep, or vacuum.
  1. Hardware is important too – Though your curtains should look ascetically pleasing it’s important for your hardware to look good too. Choose a rod that can not only hold the weight of your curtains and matches the style.

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