Transform Your Patio Space This Spring


Springtime is officially here. As we welcome in warmer weather and longer days. People cant help but want to spend time outside. So why not have a space that you can enjoy your time outside? Check out these four ideas to transform your patio space at your new home in Havelock NC this spring.

  1. Daybed patio swing – Transform your patio into a restful retreat where you can lounge in comfort. This is perfect for an enclosed patio space. Add a comfortable mattress of your preferred size, a plush blanket or two and soft throw pillows to complete this look. Who knows, your guests may prefer this sleeping patio space over your guest bedroom.
  1. Illuminate your space – Enjoy your patio space long after the sun sets. Affix lights to trees, use rope lights, or a pendant to light up your space and enjoy evenings this spring.
  1. Mirror, mirror – Adding a mirror to your patio is a great way to enlarge this space. Include additional spring time décor to complete this look such as colorful rain boots with fresh flowers, potted greenery, eggs in a clear vase, bird cages, faux bunny rabbits, etc. Place them in a way so that they are caught in the mirrors reflection.
  1. Spring garden patio – People love lounging on wicker furniture during the spring season. Surround it with a spring vegetable or flower container garden to create your outdoor entertainment space.

We hope these ideas will inspire you to create an awesome patio space. How are you planning to transform your patio space at your new home in Havelock NC? Let us know on our Facebook page and don’t forget to add phots!

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This post was written by JC Jackson Builders